What is “Climate tech,” and what value does it bring?

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Climate Tech is the term used to describe technological solutions designed to alleviate the climate crisis.

Global energy and resource consumption will inevitably continue to rise in the future.

At least for the next few decades, the world’s population will keep growing, and living standards will keep rising.

For business, climate technology investment could result in various services such as energy efficiency solutions for air conditioning or renewable energy generation and storage.

However, think bigger picture!

The reality is technology can not only play a role in slowing the problems arising from the dilemma of growth but also how we manage our technology. 

For example, let’s make a concerted effort to reduce carbon emissions by increasing our forest size.

Stop consuming ‘brand new.’

There are multiple ways of extending the life cycle of existing installations that reduce emissions while also keeping pace with business growth.

So, next time you think of upgrading any tech, ask yourself how you can keep it going for another 12+ months?

This approach could help you do your part in saving the planet with little to no effort.

Do you agree?

Mark Walker

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