What incorrect assumption do most IT service providers keep making?

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The assumption that their clients are happy to see them on a call-out.

They’re not.

They’re as happy to see an IT service professional as you are to see your dentist when you have a broken tooth.

You’d prefer not to have a broken tooth.

What brings this to mind is that I spoke to a potential client yesterday who was looking at changing providers.

What motivated this CEO to contact me was exactly this scenario.

Last week he was in the middle of a high-stakes sales presentation when his network went down.

Unable to proceed with his PP he was left feeling embarrassed and frustrated, unfortunately, he lost the business opportunity.

It was a good reminder that behind every call-out is a business and reputation which is impacted.

And this is why the boring stuff is so important, if the focus is on preemptive care and due diligence then there are fewer call-outs which is better for the client and for our bottom-line.

I am happy to acknowledge the only time my clients really want to see me is for our quarterly catch-up!

What do yo think?

Charlotte Walker

I'm the National Account Manager and CEO-in-waiting for Digital Engineering Corporation (DEC). We help business leaders and IT managers reduce their IT maintenance costs and achieve their business goals because our approach is pre-emptive, predictable and purposeful. As an entrepreneur myself, I know consistent and predictable network uptime contributes to a business's bottom line, brand recognition, and market reputation.