Blaming the Intern

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A major cybersecurity company was breached massively.

When asked during a congressional hearing, ‘how did your company leave us so unprotected that several federal government branches were hacked?’

The former SolarWinds CEO blamed the firm’s poor Cybersecurity on an intern!

The unfortunate intern supposedly posted the “solarwinds123” password on the internet in 2017, yet the company didn’t know of the leak until sometime in 2019.

It seems that at least nine government agencies and several private agencies are believed to have fallen victim to this massive hack.

This seems wrong on so many levels that I am unsure where to start.

Is it that the CEO appears to have learned leadership from a cornflake’s box, or the fact that another government hacked the government, or that the company blamed one of the company’s most junior members to try and dodge a colossal bullet?

Typical of this the industry is that it’s always someone else’s fault, even though they have taken the money to protect a very sensitive environment and have failed to do that.

I am interested in your opinion and if a culture of ‘passing the buck’ is the same in your industry?

Mark Walker

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