Battle of the Giants: Apple vs Facebook on Privacy

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Apple is going head 2 head with Facebook and Google on privacy with the introduction of its anti-tracking technology (ATT) in iOS 14.5

Facebook has apparently acknowledged to investors that its own ad revenue could be hurt by the fact that up until now, apps have been free to track iPhone users automatically, building up hefty advertising profiles based on what apps people use & websites they visit.

The App Tracking Transparency feature will force apps to ask permission before tracking users across apps and websites with their unique advertising ID.

This is game changing for iPhone privacy simply because it makes more people aware that they are being tracked and gives them the choice to opt out.

Now you can actually stop all apps from tracking you via your iPhone settings, where a toggle allows you to stop apps from requesting to track.

Do you think it’s a genuine effort to embrace Apple CEO Tim Cook’s mantra that “privacy is a fundamental human right” or merely a way to kneecap competition while looking good to customers?

Mark Walker

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