Are Corporate CIOs and IT professionals wearing too many hats?

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This is a legitimate question as I work alongside my corporate colleagues; who seem to be stretched more than ever across their businesses.

The most significant increase in responsibility seems to have come with the integration of IT and business infrastructure.

As a side note this also means that solution providers can significantly impact entire companies rather than just IT departments.
(I wonder how seriously IT solutions providers take this responsibility into account?)

Of course, the most crucial role for CIOs is creating actionable and affordable IT strategic plans.

With the emphasis on affordability, and that’s where I like to add value with DEC, we help with reducing $$.

I thought I would share the graph below to appreciate all that your IT professionals do.

Quite frankly it boggles the mind!
It’s a good day to be grateful for everything your IT department does and for IT professionals to give themselves a pat on the back.

Do you agree?

Charlotte Walker

I'm the National Account Manager and CEO-in-waiting for Digital Engineering Corporation (DEC). We help business leaders and IT managers reduce their IT maintenance costs and achieve their business goals because our approach is pre-emptive, predictable and purposeful. As an entrepreneur myself, I know consistent and predictable network uptime contributes to a business's bottom line, brand recognition, and market reputation.